Cindi Rosner-Kelly, LMSW

 Cindi Rosner Kelly, LMSW, received her undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and her advanced degree from the University of Michigan. A seasoned psychotherapist who has been treating individuals, couples and families for well over 20 years, Ms Rosner Kelly‚Äôs warm and inviting style incorporates a variety of clinical approaches depending upon the situation at hand. Cognitive, Behavioral, Psychodynamic/Insight Oriented, Didactic, Expressive-Play, Psychoeducational Therapies are appropriately matched to the patient/s with use of Interpretation as needed. 

With previous positions as Coordinator and Director for both In hospital and Day programs, Ms Rosner Kelly adheres to the notion that each clinical session should allow her patients to walk away with something useful to ponder or to implement from one session to the next, thus addressing the problem at hand. Her approachable manner has fostered significant clinical gains made by children, adolescents, young adults, couples, and families at home, at work at school and in the social arena.

Ms. Rosner Kelly works with Attention Issues, Trichotillomania, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Developmental Life Cycle Changes of both young and old), Self Defeating Behaviors, Educational Challenges, Family Conflicts and Mood Instability.

She has published her Expressive Assessment tool (Journal of Arts in Psychotherapy) used to help young children and adolescents in a non threatening and hands on manner. Thus, Ms Rosner Kelly's creative approaches to addressing and treating difficulties of the human condition successfully reach the population at large.      

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