Dawn Roberts, MS, LLP

Dawn Roberts has been a limited licensed psychologist in the State of Michigan for over a decade.  Dawn earned both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Madonna University.  Her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology has led to opportunities working with patients in multiple treatment settings including outpatient, residential and acute levels of care.  Her empathetic and non-judgmental approach in both individual and group therapies have proven to be effective with adolescents, teens, and adults. She continues clinical supervision and consultation with a Ph.D. level psychologist.

Within the past few years, Dawn's primary focus of training and consultation has been Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), a type of cognitive behavioral treatment for individuals with emotion dysregulation.  Through individual therapy and DBT skills group, Dawn will assist you in not only identifying your life worth living goal, but in developing a treatment plan to assist in making this goal obtainable.  DBT helps us recognize and change patterns of behavior that have not been helpful.  Dawn will help identify triggers to these reactive states as well as more appropriate coping skills, keeping in mind that life worth living goal you've identified. 

It's essential that the patient view the therapist as an ally.  Dawn aims to accept and validate feelings, even when attempting to enlighten about feelings and behaviors that may be deemed maladaptive. There are four modules of DBT Skills Group, outlined below.

DBT Skills Group:

Module 1-  Mindfulness

This module is considered a foundation for the other skills.  It incorporates meditative exercises and helps develop a tolerance of painful emotions that may exist when challenging habits.  Participants will learn to not only pay attention,  but to do so without judgment while fully experiencing emotions and senses.  

Module 2-  Distress Tolerance Module 

This module improves the ability to:

  • Accept a current situation in a non-evaluative and non-judgmental manner 
  • Calmly recognize a situation and its potential negative impacts 
  • Find meaning within the pain
  • Bear the pain skillfully without hiding or becoming overwhelmed

Module 3-  Emotion Regulation

This module helps us understand our emotions and skillful ways to manage them, rather than emotions managing us.  Learning to reduce emotional suffering, as well as building positive emotions, are covered in this module.

Module 4-  Interpersonal Effectiveness

This module focuses on strategies and skills that will maximize your chances of meeting your goal in a particular situation, whether it's asking someone to do something or having to say no to a person's request.  The key is to avoid damage to the relationship and person's self respect.

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