Clinical Research Studies

Benefits of Participating in a Research Study:

  • Access to new treatments that may improve the participant’s clinical condition.
  • Opportunity to participate in studies that may benefit others with the same condition.
  • Ongoing medical and psychiatric care at no cost, which may include: study medication, laboratory evaluations, ECG analysis, complete physical and psychiatric examinations.

Our current studies include:

1. Pediatric Schizophrenia (6-17 years of age)

2. Pediatric Major Depressive Disorder (12-17 years of age)

3. Tourette Syndrome (6-17 years of age)

4. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (4-12 years of age)

To learn more about our clinical research opportunities please contact:

Brooke Grubb
Clinical Research Coordinator
Telephone: 248-290-5400 X71